Alien Hunter


A Warning To All:

The alien hunter is in town.

Tonight, I saw him
at the crossroads,
standing straight and pale.

I've come to tell you:
no more meetings,
no more phone calls.

He discovers one of us
and we are all in peril.

I have always lived in fear 

in the shadow of this day.

No matter how sweet the morning,
how colour blessed the night,
below each pleasure,

each enchantment
I've always felt
the dread, below

that fragile veil, below
these furtive lives we lead.

Tonight, the time has come.

The fear is here, the fear
is finally made real;
heart beating, fast breath,
steel strung silence,
shadow paranoia.

The alien hunter's here at last.

And I am strangely glad that

what I feared so long

has come to pass.

StarFields 1998