Azure Riders

Have you recently
taken the time to make me velvet 
or to simply wrap me up
in blue and green?

I need this, you know.

Perhaps I'm not asking
in a way that you can understand,
perhaps my spider madness
gets me tangled
in a web of dreams.

It's true, tonight
I could do with a soothing
moonbeam, or two,
slowly on my
hair, across my face,

A warm and cleansing
rain could follow;
for desert, I have
a purple desert wind
full of mystique and
miracle enchantment;
Arabian nights
under bright white stars
with unfamiliar music
drifting strangely.

Before I go, I want to turn
and greet the azure riders
on their horses, silver flanked
and silver armoured,
watch them flow
in sweeping arch
towards my window.

Is that too much
to ask of you?

StarFields 2001