Sweet Light


Wandering amongst the stars,

I saw a small dis-illusion

whirling slowly and in shadow night.


Sweet light sobriety

encompassed me with fervour

and it spoke and said,

really, you should take care

of that.


I took it gently by the astral moments

and I sighed it into soft acceptance

of my touch and it was glad

that I was there.


It melted to me and I stroked it

loving nesting here to me,

do come, my little one,

I have the time and space for you.


You need not fear the wells

of nevermore for they in truth

are nothing more

than ever-widening

loving touches in a

place where nothing seems to be

as  bright as single suns

and blue flared stars, there to the right

we see another momentary wonder

starfall streaking bright and hold on tight!


We slide the ever down yet there’s no end

and it is not until we have descended

for a thousand years that we

begin to understand

how marvellous it was to finally

be freed from all that’s horizontal

and that made the limit

of the right and wrong

of tale and song

and ordered to the endless,

what seemed to be so fearful

and yet starblessed if we’d only known

what up and down

would be, the lesson grave

and gravity

mistakenly imbued and dragged along

instead of sweet remembrance

and the now of clarity -


Angels at my back,

in my hair.

StarFields June 2001

* This poem is a part of Freedom HypnoDreams Album